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About Botox®

Botox® is an FDA approved purified protein which is injected into targeted muscles and temporarily blocks nerve signals that cause muscle movements, essentially relaxing the muscle which reduces or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

Within 3-5 days of the Botox® injections, the treated facial muscles become temporarily relaxed, causing the overlying skin to lay flat and unwrinkled. The untreated facial muscles contract in a normal fashion allowing facial expression to be unaffected.

Botox® injections only take a few minutes and will remain effective for 3-6 months.

The Facts:

  • Botox® treatments only take a few minutes depending on the number of injections needed.
  • The effects of treatment last for approximately 3 months.
  • The use of Botox® is very safe, however, as with any medical procedure there are possible risks and side effects to be aware of when using Botox®.
  • Patients will begin to see results from their Botox® treatment from 3-5 days following the procedure.

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